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Happy Birthday Pictures in Spanish

How to say it

In order to express a pretty good happy birthday in Spanish, you have some funny and serious images written in that language. They are common words but they have been said in a kind manner to make other people laugh and think about what means become a little bit old every year.

So if you have a conservative lady, you could tell “Feliz cumple querida” which is like saying “Happy birthday my dear lady”. And if you want to express another informal message, you would tell “¿Recuerdas cuando eras pequeño y deseabas ser grande? ¡Bueno se te cumplió el deseo!, which means “Do you remember when you were a little child and you want to be an adult? Well, your wish became true!.

birthday message in spanish language

birthday message spanish language

lovely birthday pics spanish

birthday picture spanish

Mensajes e imágenes de cumpleaños en Español (Birthday messages and pictures in Spanish) and their translation:

The first pic tells: Desire of heart that today you have…
A good combination of laughs, love and happiness. Happy birthday!

The second one: This is the day that God made when we will enjoy ourselves and will be glad… Because he made you! Happy birthday!

The third one: Here I am to wish a Happy birthday to you.

The fourth one: I am on holiday for you! Happy birthday!

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